SASKEYE Studios is a Sustainable Fashion Universe created by Swedish Italian Saskia Kjellström in 2015

SASKEYE Studios is upcycling clothing brand, a series of upcycling workshops and an idea of building a community and a new sustainable fashion world.

Born in Sweden 1990 with italian roots; the natural influence of both high fashion and socialism created a strong need in Saskia’s life to create a way of enjoying the craft of sewing & dressing up without harming other people and the planet.

When she was teenager she committed to buying the majority of her clothing second hand and treasured the long searches for perfect pieces. When she was 23 after finishing a degree as Leader & Entrepreneur in the Retail Market she decided that she wanted to launch a Fashion Lingerie Webshop; Chérie JARDIN, with independent lingerie designer brands to celebrate the craft of sewing inspired by Jean Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood, Agent Provocateur. The mission was to show how lingerie can be something empowering and body positive rather than anti-feministic. She also wanted to teach people how to rather invest in high quality pieces that lost long than cheap fast fashion that’s not even worthy of the second hand market.

In 2015 Saskia decided to close the webshop to further develop her skills as a change maker at the Enterprising Leadership school The Kaospilot’s in Aarhus Denmark. On her final year she both launched her own brand SASKEYE Studios, sewing pieces from second hand materials and a clothing library; The Clothing Club (TCC). TCC helps its members to lower their need for buying new clothing by giving them access to big collection of clothing that they can lend home for any occasion.

In 2019 she started hosting sewing & upcycling workshops at Aarhus youth clubs, teaching kids how to turn abandon clothing in to new fun pieces. In 2020 this workshops expanded to also included workshops for adults, both online courses and physical at Godsbanen in Aarhus. 


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